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THE investment

THE investment

facebook makeover

Facebook Makeover

The details

Facebook Cover Graphic
Spotlight Video Set-up

Pinned Post Graphic With Text

THE investment


the rundown

Facebook Cover

First impressions are not only important, they're everything. When you work to get people to finally check out your Facebook Page, their eyes are captured by two major things: Your profile picture and your cover photo. We should all know by now that people are visual. This means that your Facebook Cover can either send a potential customer running or reel them in with excitement! Let us help you make a lasting first impression with a cover that stuns.

Spotlight Video

Have you been wanting to make a video introducing yourself to your shoppers? We can give your page that extra bit of charm that'll make you look that much more professional. Highlight a video directly under your Facebook Cover that puts a spotlight on your boutique, a product or any other topic you have in mind.

Customized Pinned Post

Time to bring it home! Once your Facebook Cover is updated and your Spotlight Video uploaded, we'll finalize the process with a customized post that speaks to the heart of your company! This graphic will be affixed directly under your featured video and regardless what or when you post next, this will always be the first post your potential customer sees. 

facebook facelift

Facebook Facelift

The details

THE investment

the rundown

Struggling to make your Facebook Page look and feel professional? We know... The struggle is real.


Give your page a major overhaul with a package full of purpose-built design strategies from two dedicated brand stylists. Time to show your page the tender-love-and-care it deserves while

wow-ing new shoppers.

Facebook Makeover +

Tab Clean-up

Shop Section *only available if you have a website

1 Customized Facebook Ad

3-Piece Stationary Kit Design (may include but not limited to business cards, thank you cards, brochures, stickers)


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